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General questions

What is VIP photo booth?

It’s new, its fun and it has no walls! A creative photo booth rental that adds excitement and cherished memories for any event. VIP photo booth gives you a truly unique experience using professional photographic equipment, creative customized graphics, friendly staff and a sleek state of the art photo tower. Best of all you and your guests will receive instant printed memories for your event. Unlike the traditional photo booth’s, VIP photo booth is mobile, has no walls allowing more people and more smiles. Let VIP photo booth capture all the fun!

Why are we different from other photo booth companies?

We create artistic photo designs with elegance in turn with fashion lighting to create high quality photos.

VIP Photo Booth was born out of an idea of a professional photographer and graphic design artist, seeing the need to create and offer a modernized twist on traditional photo booths. Our package is of great value and quality. We can design and customize your experience in theme with your event! Utilizing the very latest in photographic technology that would offer more than the traditional typical head shot photos, we fit a lot more of your guests capturing all the fun moments.  VIP Photo Booth’s aim is to offer events high quality, studio/fashion quality lighting, individual graphic designed templates and professional prints with our photo’s capturing the smiles and creativity of you and your guests. Our photo tower is built from the ground up exclusively to our requirements. Last but not least the VIP experience is given to all guests, the culmination of all this creates the VIP Photo Booth.

What else makes us pop out of the crowd?

No walls in our photo booth = more people can fit into the photos and get creative

  • Artistic designer and team creates various designs to your photos & backdrops to suit any themed event.
  • Utilizes the latest in photographic technology using equipment that is usually reserved for studio and fashion lighting and photography.? Images ‘POP’ with the use of ring flash technology this creates flattering shadowless light and a fashionable look.
  • Friendly staff adds to the fun and stays for the duration of hire to ensure smooth operation.??Our packages offer the best mix of quality, style and great value with a selection of our additional products.
  • We like to be a company with a heart. We will be participating in charities and fund-raising events!
  • Helpful, smiling and friendly our aim is to make you and everyone of your guests leaving happy!

Which events do you cater for?

We cater for any special event! From weddings, engagements, birthdays, reunions, schools functions, work functions, corporate events, charities and fund raising the list goes on! VIP photo booth is also a great marketing tool for any company. Be it for product launches, store openings or branding.


VIP photo booth setup

Can you setup at any venue?

We can setup in any venue. Our booth is portable and can go to most places, provided we have the space we require, for buildings and multilevel locations an elevator is needed.

Will there be someone at my event?

Yes. Our professional and friendly VIP staff will be there for setup and the duration of hire. Assisting your guests with the photo booth in creating a memorable fun experience and to ensure smooth running of the VIP Photo Booth.

How long does it take to setup and what are the requirements?

We need 1.5 – 1 hour prior to the starting time of your event for the setup. We need a minimum of 2m x 3m of space for the entire setup and access to an electrical outlet of 240v within 5 meters.

Which areas do you service for events?

Currently we are servicing in Melbourne and within Victoria. Surcharges will apply outside of the metro areas.

What is idle time & time/length of setup?

Idle time is when we have our booth completely set up but not available for use. Setup is done before guests enter reception so that guests do not arrive in the middle of setup and most event venues require setup before guest arrivals and canapes. Setup starts 1.5 hours prior to start of operation/ removal 45 mins at end of operation.?If an earlier setup is required to proposed start time, an idle time applies.?If not possible to remove till event concludes, idle time applies. * Idle time requires a small hourly fee.

Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

Yes. Shelter is needed to protect the VIP Photo Booth from the elements. Power supply is needed as well for outdoor events.

How many hours do you stay at an event?

We setup at your event 1.5 hour prior to its starting time for free. We stay at an event and operate for a minimum of 3 hours. You can book additional hours for an hourly fee. More hours means more evening fun for everyone! (Factoring speeches, formalities etc..)

How can you help customize our event with VIP photo booth?

  • Choose from our selections of backdrops
  • Put your own logo, graphic
  • ?Customize the backdrop with an image or text based (Media wall)
  • Customize your photo designs and layouts with your theme, logo, colours, text and pictures.
  •  Red carpet experience – red ropes, red carpet and stanchions
  • If you have an idea we’d love to hear it and see what we can create for you
  • A package of great value with additional products If you have an idea we’d love to hear it and see what we can create for you
  • Fun and creative props

Bookings & payments

I am interested, what is needed to book VIP photo booth and when should I reserve my booking?

Please use our online contact form here or by Phone: 0433 253 889

To book your date a deposit and a signed contract is needed to secure your date. We recommend booking as soon as possible to secure your date and avoid disappointment.


Do I need to pay the whole balance up front?

No, we ask a deposit of $300.00 and a signed agreement form to secure the date. The remaining balance will need to be paid at least 30 days before your event. If the completion of payment has not been paid by due date, the booking will be viewed as a cancellation.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

If you happen to cancel please let us know. Unfortunately your deposit will not be refunded during a cancellation as your booking date was set exclusively for your event. Though depending on the circumstance we can offer a credit or another future available date if you happen to postpone and reschedule an agreeable date within a year.


Photo Prints

How can the prints from VIP photo booth serve as party favours?

You and your guests can leave with cherished memories. Prints can be personalized photo graphics or layouts. Let us know if you have a monogram/logo you’d like us to use, or we can work with you to custom.

What size are the photos?

All of our photos are printed on 4×6 archival (100+ yrs) acid-free photographic paper. Your memories will be lasting a life time.

Are the photos instant?

Yes, your photos print within seconds.

How is the picture quality?

We use professional equipment that produces photo-laboratory quality prints. Prints immediately emerge dry, durable and in archival condition lasting for a lifetime. Picture quality is from our professional dye-sublimation printer which produces high quality prints touch dry in seconds. VIP Photo Booth utilizes Ring-flash technology, usually reserved for fashion photographers. The ring-flash’s famous for creating a flattering shadowless and even light. Along with your memories your prints will last a lifetime. 

Do you provide online gallery for the events you do?


Yes we do, please visit our event gallery to view and download your pictures.

Other questions

We are happy to meet with you and discuss package info and sample photos.?To reserve your date with VIP photo booth, please contact us today!