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Taking the idea from the old photo booth we’ve created a modern open style photo booth machine that can be used for any event. An all in one mobile photo booth tower using the latest digital technology below are the following features:

  •  A unique way to create and capture photographic memories
  •  Live view with HD LCD display. (see yourself on screen)
  • Open style experience allowing to fit more people
  • All photos from your VIP photo experienced are saved
  • High mega pixel digital SLR camera
  • Professional ring flash fashion studio lighting
  • Instant professional dye- sublimation prints that will last a lifetime
  • Printing in a matter of seconds

The total space needing to setup VIP photo booth at your event is 2mx3m spacing near an electrical outlet. The VIP photo booth tower is also accompanied by your selected or customized backdrop.

Our machine will keep all your snap shots for you on DVD and your guests ready to be viewed on your online gallery.